Pricing Information

From July 2019 all forums are using the premium version of the ArmorForums platform.
If you previously used to pay for this service, then your subscription is now canceled and you won't be billed any further.
All forums now don't have limits on the categories, boards, have access to the color and logos customisation pages and other premium features.

Please consider donating to support the development and maintenance of this platform. Thank you!

Staff & Users
Number of registered forum users and moderators.
Unlimited Pageviews
Members can access and view unlimited times all pages.
Unlimited Categories
You can create unlimited number of categories in the forum.
Unlimited Boards
You can create unlimited number of boards in the forum.
Unlimited Threads
Members can create unlimited number of threads in the forum.
Unlimited Replies
Members can create unlimited number of replies in the forum.
Ads on Pages
Some of the pages contain advertisement blocks and content.
Colors and Logos Customization
Upload custom logos and change the look and feel of the forum with custom colors.
Q&A and Poll Threads
Members can ask question, accept answers and vote within threads.
Spam Reporting and Flagging
Functionality for reporting spam and flagging users.
Bookmarks and Subscriptions
Users can add threads to their bookmarks and subscribe to them.
Personal Messages
Members can communicate with each other through personal messages.
Avatars and Signatures
Upload avatar to your profile and add signature to every post.
User Activity Tracking
Actions of members are tracked and can be seen on their profiles.
User Roles and Permissions
Assign different roles and permissions to members and staff.
Forum Logs Tracking
All actions done by users in the forum are logged and displayed in the dashboard.
Advanced User Registration
Settings for different types of registration and user approval.
For more detailed information about forum features check our Features page.