Forum Features

Discussion Forums Start dialogs and cooperate with people. Create posts with text formatting, emoji, images, links and more.

Feedback Forums Listen to your followers and customers. Collect feedback, opinions and ask users to vote on important polls.

Q&A Forums Find solutions to questions and vote on you favourite posts. Accept the best answer and mark the issues as resolved.

Article Forums Easily publish content such as help articles, video tutorials, FAQs, announcements or recommended reads.

What You Can Do With Our Software

Up and running in seconds You only have to choose a name to start your private forum.

Register forum without approval. No installation or maintenance.
The forum hosting offered by ArmorForums is not only free,
but there is nothing to download and nothing to setup.

Manage with confidence Control and track everything that happens inside your forum.

You are in complete control over the content in your community.
Update and delete users, threads, replies, boards, categories.
Assign different level of rights and permissions to your team.

Secure and spamfree Protections have been implemented to secure members and content.

Comprehensive blocking functionality for multiple requests.
Flagging system lets the users report spam and unethical content.
Dashboard for listing and managing all issues.

Configure members access Decide how users can join or block new user registrations.

Filter and accept only registration of specific users.
Advanced registration configuration with 6 different settings.
Make your entire community private or restrict access to certain people.

Various notifications Get notified in-site or via email for different forum events.

When someone mentions you in a post, you'll be notified.
You'll know when a moderator decides to edit or delete your post.
And if you prefer to get emails, you can toggle individual settings.

Track favorites and updates Browse popular content and get notified for new replies.

Subscribe to threads and get informed for updates.
Bookmark threads and build a list with your favorites.
Browse the trending and popular threads of the week.

Dynamic profiles and logs Browse information for every member and check their activity.

Track and view the activity of users in their profiles.
Upload avatar image and add signature for your posts.
Optionally fill your personal information, social media, location.

Access your forum on any device Responsive and clean design helps you to navigate on any device.

Members can participate from any device - desktop, tablet, smartphone.
The full features of the forum are supported on mobile devices
without the need to download or install a separate app.