Frequently asked questions

What can I do on this website?

ArmorForums gives you the ability to create your own private forum on a subdomain. We'll provide you with the software, hosting and the maintenance, all you have to do is pick a name and register for free. After that you can leave the forum open for any user to register and become a member, or configure the registration with advanced filters and strategies. If you want to read more about the registration process check our How To Start a Forum article.

What does it mean to have the forum on a subdomain?

Subdomain is a part (division) of the main (root) domain. Our domain is, which means that all forums which are created will be part of that domain. For example your forum subdomain can be,,, etc. Please have in mind that this subdomain can not be changed after the registration.

Don't I need a server or a hosting to have a forum?

Yes, generally speaking if you want to have any kind of website you need a hosting. But ArmorForums is taking care of all hosting and server requirements, so you don't need to worry about any of that. All you have to do is register and start building your forum community. You can read our article Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Online Services to Make Your Own Forum and find out the cons of self-hosted applications.

How can I create my forum?

The easiest way is to go to the Home page and click the Register button. You'll be presented with a form containing one field for your forum subdomain name. This name has to be unique and after you fill it, a message will appear to let you know if its available. Please have in mind that after you register you can not change this name. After you confirm that this is the subdomain you want for your forum, you can finis the form by filling your email and password.

How can I access my forum?

After you register, you'll see the forum listed in your profile. To access it you can click the link displayed there or directly type the URL in your browser. Your forum URL consist of the subdomain name followed by For example if your forum subdomain is dogowners, then your forum URL is

How can I login to my forum?

After you access the URL of your forum, you will see the login page. If this is the first time you login, then your credentials will be the same ones used in your registration. Please have in mind that your user in and the one in your forum are different, so if you update one of them, the other will remain the same.

Can other people see my forum?

For someone to access you forum page you have to give them the URL of your forum. This forum URL consist of the subdomain name followed by We do not have a public list of all the registered forums, so no one would find out that your forum exists. And because we offer private forums, people that have the URL would still have to register to get to the content of your forum. You can configure the user registration settings from the Dashboard of your forum, in the section Forum Settings.

Can anyone register in my forum?

Our system has an advanced registration system allowing you to configure different ways for people to join your forum. By default any forum will be open for users to register. You can configure these settings from the Dashboard of your forum, in the section Forum Settings. For example other options are to manually approve every user before they can join the forum or to send invitations by email to allow only certain people to register.

If you still have any questions or you want to ask something else, please don't hesitate to contact us.