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In March 2018 our new service for starting a forum community called ArmorForums was made public to users. This platform allows you to use its forum hosting with a free and a premium pricing plan. But more of that later, first lets see how our software is different from other applications.

If you search on the web you will find all kinds of other similar websites and competitors. What makes ArmorForums stand out is that the free version is still usable as a standard forum with very few limitations and the forum you create is private. This means that every user has to be logged in to go inside the forum and guest users can't read the posts. The ArmorForums software gives you ability to tweak and control the registration process, so this makes it a very powerful platform for private communities. From the forum dashboard you can configure only specific people to be able to register, send invitations by email, approve new members and other settings.

Private forum registration settings

When using a forum your main objective is surely to post content in a convenient and easily manageable structure. ArmorForums allows you to do just that with a standard and proven system for organization. The top level separation of content in our forums are the categories. Everything else is related to them and they hold the entire structure down the posts "pyramid". The boards are the next categorization for the content. Each one is sort of a container for keeping related forum threads (topics). Users can start threads in a specific board and then discuss it with replies. We've chosen this forum structure to provide isolation and flexibility of differently categorized and related content.

Forum content structure

Speaking of content, many other websites have limitations on it when using their free version. The most common restrictions other services have are on the number of threads, members, visits and/or replies. As you can assume this kind of forum would not be very useful and it could even make you give up on such a limited application. With the free plan of ArmorForums only the main categories and boards are limited, all the other elements have no limitations. The forum members are 50 for the free plan, but they can be increased by upgrading to premium and they can create as many threads and replies as they want. But your categories and boards would be maximum 4 and 8, respectively, which is more than enough to separate and categorize your content.

Now to also briefly introduce you to our premium plan, which is priced at 4.95 per month. If you are looking for a maximum forum experience, without any ads and limitations, this is the way to go. You can very easily create a subscription and get automatically billed every month from your banking card or PayPal account. There is a payments dashboard from which you can cancel your subscription (billing cycle) at any time or download PDF invoices.

This concludes the brief description of our new forum services. You could use the quick 2-step registration to check the clean professional design of the forums or to try its modern technology software. Also find out more about our forums on the features page or if you have any questions visit the FAQ page.

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