How to Start a Forum With the Free Services of ArmorForums

People that start using ArmorForums are looking to build all kinds of communities, with different needs, and they find that our platform is suitable for them. We provide a great platform for discussing topics, asking questions with QA threads, voting on polls, publishing articles and rich text. All of these features would fit on different types of forums and will help with the communication with your friends, clients, business team or members. And you would be able to adjust all kinds of settings and have full control of the forum without having to go through manual installations or choosing a suitable hosting provider. ArmorForums will take care of all this trouble and annoyance automatically, so you won't even have to setup anything or wait for your forum to be created.

Making your own account with us is very easy, just go to the home page and click the register button. You will then see a very short and easy to fill form. The first field in it is the forum subdomain, which is a very important part of your forum. If you don't know what a subdomain is, this is a name part of the main website domain and it will be used as an address to open your forum in the browser. Our domain is, so any forum subdomain name will be part of it and it will be in its URL. For example, if you want to create a community for guitar players, then your subdomain can be "guitarplayers" and your forum URL will be You can create a forum which is named after your company, community group, a hobby or an interest that you have. Please have in mind that this name of the forum subdomain can not be changed later.

ArmorForums registration form

After you choose the name you'll see if its available for registration and if so you'll finish the form with 2 more fields for email and password. This is all the data that we need, you won't have to give us your credit card, make a payment or anything else. You get the subdomain, forum hosting and software for free, there is no trial or expiration date. When finish filling your data and submit the form, your private forum will be ready for use, without any waiting or approval. The registration form will take you to a page showing all the details of your forum. From this page you can update very few things of the forum compared to the the actual forum dashboard page. The first thing you'll notice is information about the plan that your forum is using. When you first register the free plan is automatically selected for you, which means that on some pages of the forum there will be ads and some content will be limited.

If you want to switch to the premium plan, click the button "Upgrade Forum Plan" and you'll be taken to the Subscription page. To make a payment you can use a debit card or PayPal account. When you subscribe to a premium plan we will only have the last 4 digits of your card or your email address, for future references and invoices. So you don't have to worry about your personal information, which isn't event touching our servers and the transaction is securely processed by an authorized payment service provider. There are no hidden fees or charges without your approval. After you select your payment method and complete the form, your subscription will be automatically billed every month. You can cancel at any time and your premium plan will continue through the end of your current charge (billing) cycle.

This concludes our short guide on staring a forum with ArmorForums. To make your own right now, go to the home page and click register. If you have any questions visit the FAQ page or don't hesitate to contact us.

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