Configuring Your ArmorForums Dashboard Settings and Preferences

If you're a creator of a forum or you've been given extra privileges in someone else's forum, you'll find an additional page in your navigation menu called Dashboard. This is the admin panel of the forum where you can observe what users are doing and update configuration options. Depending on what user role you have in the forum, you're going to have access to different pages and settings.

When you open the Dashboard page, you'll be on its home page where you can see logs of user actions and general information about the forum usage. The logs are recorded when content is created, updated or deleted and on special events related to users and threads. On the left side of all pages is located the navigation menu. The first item in it is the Forum Settings page, which hosts some general options and user registration configurations. From this page you can set the forum name, description, admin email and choose from 6 different settings for how the users will be able to register in your private forum.

The next page in the menu is Forum Content, which is divided into Categories and Boards. These items can be found on your forum home page and are used to structure and categorize the threads inside your forum. From the Categories page you can create, update, delete and reorder categories. You can also see how much Boards each category has and reorder their positions individually. Boards page is the same, the only difference is that you have to select a category when creating and updating a board. On you forum home page all categories and boards will be displayed according to how they are related and ordered from the admin panel. Have in mind that you can not delete a category that has boards or a board that has threads, you have to assign the items to a different parent first.

ArmorForums dashboard and preferences

Another page that is worth noting is Users. At the top you'll see a detailed table listing all the users inside the forum. For each user you can quickly see what role they have, how much threads they started, how much replies they made, when was the last time they logged in. The table has filtering fields for the user status, user role and a datepicker for the registration date. You can also sort each column in the table to quickly find users. At the bottom of the page you can see detailed information about each user role and what its permissions are.

The next menu in the sidebar is the Registration section which is dedicated to further control how users can join your forum. Depending on what type of registration option you've chosen from the Forum Settings page, you might have to further configure it on one of the Registration pages. The first page Invited Users is used to send email invitations to users when the option Invitation Registration has been selected in the Forum Settings page. Next, the Email Domains page will allow you to specify the email domain of users who can register in the forum. For example, if you select Allowed Emails Registration option in the Forum Settings page and add as an allowed email domain, only users with emails would be able to register. After that is the Approve Users page, which will list all the users who want to join the forum and have to be approved before being able to login. And the final page in this section is the Registration Codes, where you can generate unique codes and give the to people to register with them.

In the Dashboard you can also find all the Reported Records. They can be of users, threads or replies and anyone can report them for something wrong. A message can be included in the report or it could be left blank. In this page you can check individual reports and go to the page to see the record. After you see whats wrong and fix it you can mark this report as resolved and delete it.

The page that we would like to finish with is Contact Support. In here you can find a form which sends a message directly to our team. We sincerely invite you to contact us if you want to review our platform, report bugs or suggest any enhancements. All the messages will be read and if there is anything technical related it would reach our development team. If you have any questions or something more detailed, it might be better to post a thread in our support forum and start a discussion with our team. We will answer you with replies and other users may also join and contribute to finding a solution.

This concludes our brief description of some of the pages in the ArmorForums Dashboard. Please have in mind that some of the pages have help descriptions and guides that can be very useful. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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