When using our forum system with administrator account, you'll see that you have access to some settings and configuration options for the forum. In this article we'll dig into the forum dashboard and explain some of the ways you can configure the forum and its content from there. So join us in this article and find out more about the settings of our platform.

When creating your own forum its important to choose between a self-hosted CMS platform or a forum service website. Both options have their advantages and inconveniences you need to consider before starting a forum community.

If you're on the lookout for an online platform to create your own forum, you should certainly consider the services of our platform. ArmorForums allows you to make a private forum website with just a 1 minute registration form. This means that you won't have to wait for approval or setup anything on your end. Read more in this article on how to start and build your community.

If you need to create your own forum or you want to start a private discussion, this is the right place for you and ArmorForums is the perfect platform for any kind of community. You'll be in control of the entire system and your members will be able to start threads, vote for ideas, discuss topics with friends, team or clients.